RAID Project - RPAS-ATM Integration Demonstration

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What is RAID ?

In the framework of the European Remotely Piloted Air Systems Steering Group (“ERSG”) established by the European Commission in 2012, the SESAR Joint Undertaking had promoted a “Call for proposal ref. SJU/LC/0087-CFP” for the Demonstration Activities’ Projects, including integrated pre-operational flight trials activities, The main purpose of call focus to ensure the adequate integration of RPAS systems in the non-segregated Air Traffic Management space. RAID project aims to demonstrate and evaluate the impact of RPAS integration into unrestricted airspace of current ATM environments. The project will concentrate on the short term implications of such activities through real-time simulations and flight trial campaigns in Malta and Italy.

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The RAID Consortium consists of 7 partners from Malta and Italy. CIRA acting as Coordinator, NAIS, DeepBlue and NIMBUS as Italian SME, MATS (Malta ANSP), CAD (Civil Aviation Department of Malta) and University of Malta. The Consortium will have the additional support of ENAV, (Italian ANSP) and AFM (Armed Forces of Malta). These two entities will not be part of the consortium but assured its support to the project by facilitating the demonstration activities. In addition, the AFM will provide aircraft and personnel to fly intruder missions in support of the flight demonstrations.

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