Project: RPAS.03 – RAID

Start of the meeting:  17th June 2014, 14.00

End of the meeting:   18th June 2014, 18:30

Venue: MATS, Malta


Participant’s name Participant’s company
Joe Degiorgio MATS
Edoardo Filippone CIRA
Damiano Taurino Deep Blue
Jelena Dokic Deep Blue
David Zammit Mangion UoM
Mateusz Jedruszek UoM
Vittorio Di Vito CIRA
Salvatore Palazzo CIRA
Com. Emilio Biasin CIRA
Gianluca Gargiulo NAIS


Agenda - 17th June 2014

Time Agenda Item Who
14.00-14.30 Introduction, project overview and meeting objectives(review of the agenda) CIRA  & ALL



Safety Assessment within RAID

  • T3.2 management and timeline
  • Safety objectives
  • MATS Safety Management System
  • Discussion on the joint Safety Assessment process and available resources
16.00-16.20                                          Break
16.20-18.00 Procedures Definition and Project Objectives Analysis CIRA-MATS & ALL
18.00-19.00 Visit to the ATC facilitiesAOB, wrap-up and the closure of the 1st day of the meeting MATSALL


Agenda - 18th June 2014

Time Agenda Item Who
09.00-10.30 Procedures and RAID Safety Assessment Roadmap DBL  & ALL
10.30-10.45                                          Break
10.45-11.30 RAID Security Assessment Plan NAIS
11.30-12.30 RTS Planning or CAD – Permission related issuesQ & A DBLALL
12.30-14.00                                           Lunch
14.00-14.30 RTS Planning (continuation) ALL
14.30-15.30 CAD – Permission related issues or RTS Planning CAD, CIRA & ALL
15.30-15.45                                          Break
15.45-16.15 Communication and Dissemination NAIS & ALL
16.15-18.30 AOB, wrap-up and meeting closure CIRA & ALL