The RAID Consortium consists of 7 partners from Malta and Italy, with CIRA acting as Coordinator. The consortium will have the additional support of ENAV, the Italian ANSP and AFM, the armed forces of Malta.

These two entities will not be part of the consortium. ENAV assured its support to the project by facilitating the demonstration activities, and AFM will provide aircraft and personnel to fly intruder missions in support of the flight demonstrations.

Each entity will organize itself in order to provide maximum efficiency in complying with the project achievements. This will be obtained by involving in each company the most suitable expertise available.

In details RAID consortium is summarized as the following:

CIRA (Coordinator) – Research Center DAA system development and Prototyping Real-Time Sim and In-Flight Tests execution RPAS Operator Deep Blue SME Support to RTS and Flight Trials Preparation organization and conduction. Human Perfomance, Safety and Operational Validation. RPAS introduction in non-segregated airspace procedural, organizational and legal aspects analysis.

NAIS (Industry SME) – C2L and GPS security, including the emulation of C2L and GPS navigation security attacks (Jamming & Spoofing) during the demonstration campaign. Dissemination and communication of project results to SESAR stakeholders.

MATS   (Air Navigation Service Provider) – Service Provision, ATM expertise, with particular experience in UAS operations In-depth knowledge of the European ATM context. Dissemination in industrial fora. ATC procedures and systems development Safety assessments for areas concerning the provision of air traffic services.

University of Malta (Academia) – Academic studies, support for simulations and flight test, design of experiment and result evaluation; Dissemination in academic fora.

Civil Aviation Department Regulator – Regulatory issues, particularly in the preparation for the flight test campaign as well as input to the analysis of the outcome of the demonstration campaigns from a regulatory point of view.

NIMBUS (Industry SME) – Provide an innovative hybrid light UAV platform which has already obtained PtF from ENAC Authority to be tested in a real case scenario in order to achieve a safe integration of multiple RPAs into a non-segregated Air Traffic area.

Mixed cooperation, at both national and international levels has afforded the consortium members the haring of relevant expertise and gaining of additional know-how and recognition of complementarity on the matter proposed in the project.