Each partner of Consortium will contribute to the project management, in order to achieve the demonstration objectives by taking part to the project management providing the needed competence and expertise. Key roles and corresponding responsibilities will be entrusted to RAID partners’ representatives in order to efficiently manage the project.

The Project Manager (PM) role is provided by Edoardo Filippone (CIRA). He manages and supervises the project “daily operations” and coordinates the different work packages and implements the RAID Steering Committe – SC directives. He is responsible for the overall risk management, ensuring that the risks identified are properly mitigated, the concerns are properly addressed and the emerging opportunities are exploited. He will chair the Main Project Meetings and participate in the RAID SC.

The role of Quality Manager (QM) is entrusted to Saverio Del Gatto (CIRA); he is responsible to ensure that the project and its deliverables are compliant with the SESAR JU standards and templates and that they fulfil the expected quality levels.

The Communication Manager (CM) role isassigned to Marco Romani (NAIS); he is responsible for the plan and execution of the project communication activities. His main objective is to ensure a high visibility to the RAID Project and to promote its results. In addition, the CM coordinates the organisation of the Project Meetings and of any project related event.

The Steering Committee – SC is formed by the key representative people of each RAID Consortium partner and it is chaired by the Consortium coordinator (CIRA) as reported in the following lists

Partner Name Role
CIRA Edoardo FILIPPONE Coordinator
Deep Blue Damiano TAURINO Member
MATS Robert SANT Member
University of Malta David ZAMMIT-MANGION Member


The RAID SC meets at least once a year, in conjunction with one of the Main Project Meetings. It will be the ultimate responsible to implement the project and is responsible of monitoring all the project activities, their progress, the milestones achieved, the effort spent or to be spent in future periods. In case of problems it will be also responsible to define mitigation actions or contingency plans to apply, and to look for an arbitration among project parties in case of any issue being escalated at such level.