Flight Trial Campaign – VIDEO

From April 25th to May 6th the Flight Trials Campaign of RAID project has been succesfully closed. The CIRA experimental vehicle FLARE, an Optionally Piloted Vehicle realized by CIRA on a Tecnam P92 Echos-S vehicle, was used as a RPAS: both manned and unmanned aircrafts were also involved in the trials. The following scenarios were [...] Read More

Flight Real-Time Simulation – VIDEO

Real-time simulations (RTS) have been conducted in March 2015 using CIRA’s RPAS ground simulation facility and ATC simulators owned by MATS and the University of Malta, using licensed air traffic controllers, as well as, RPAS and pseudo pilots.                                   [...] Read More

D-B.1 Demonstration Report

This is a final Report, providing the analysis of results of demonstration activities both from a technical and operational perspective, as well as relevant recommendations. It will be issue on 30th July 2016

D-A.1 Demonstration Plan

This document aims at providing the Demonstration plan for RAID project. It is organized around three demonstration exercises (one Real Time Simulation and two Flight Trials), each foreseeing different test conditions. Demonstration objectives targeting the assessment of SESAR Key Performance Areas are defined starting from the high-level objectives described in the project proposal. For these objectives associated success criteria, [...] Read More