Procedures definition / FHA Workshop

29th July 2014

Deep Blue, Rome, 09:30 CET


Procedures definition / FHA Workshop
29th July 2014
Deep Blue, Rome, 09:30 CET



List of Participants
Name Affiliation Role
Damiano Taurino Deep Blue RPAS technical expert
Jelena Dokic Deep Blue Human Factors and validation expert
Fabio Quintavalli Deep Blue Safety and validation expert
Carlo Valbonesi Deep Blue Safety and HF expert
Barbara Mellini Deep Blue Human Factors expert
David Z. Mangion University of Malta Safety expert
Matheusz Jedruszek University of Malta Safety expert
Joe Di Giorgio MATS ATCO – operational expert
Francis Bezzina MATS ATCO – operational and safety expert
Edoardo Filippone CIRA Project Coordinator
Emilio Biasin CIRA Pilot – operational expert
Francesco Grimaccia NIMBUS RPAS manufacturer
Gianluca Gargiulo NAIS Security expert
Marco Romani NAIS Communication manager


Tuesday 29th July - 09.30 – 18.30


Item Description Presenter/Moderator Time
Welcome & Introduction Damiano Taurino 9.30
Define the procedures in detail to be used in the scenarios

  • Identification of gaps in procedures and tools to be used
Damiano Taurino / Jelena Dokic 9.45
Lunch (13.30-14.30)
  • Perform an initial identification of related hazards in 2 selected scenarios
Carlo Valbonesi / David Mangion 14.30
  • (Tentative) Assess the severity of the hazards and perform a preliminary identification of possible mitigations means
Carlo Valbonesi / David Mangion
  • Communication plan update
Marco Romani 18.00