From April 25th to May 6th the Flight Trials Campaign of RAID project has been succesfully closed. The CIRA experimental vehicle FLARE, an Optionally Piloted Vehicle realized by CIRA on a Tecnam P92 Echos-S vehicle, was used as a RPAS: both manned and unmanned aircrafts were also involved in the trials.

The following scenarios were defined to demonstrate andĀ evaluate the impact of RPAS integration duringĀ en-route operations into unrestricted airspace of current ATM environments. During the flight trials, human factors, safety and security were evaluated in different operation conditions such as:

  • RPAS Fully Automated and Augmented Autopilot modes;
  • Traffic separation under Air Traffic Controllers authority, in presence of manned and unmanned intruders;
  • Emergency conditions management during jamming/spoofing of the Command and Control Link;
  • Cooperative traffic separation between Remote Pilot and ATCOs, by using airborne ADS_B Based DAA decision support system.


Flight Trial Dissemination Room