Nimbus founded as a spin off from a company active for over 40 years in the production of special vehicles for military and civilian defense applications.

Whit its wordlwide-patented technology, the present Nimbus business model is to develop and sell a suite of UAS (or RPAS) as well as provide maintenance and rental services for these products. In a medium-long term period is foreseen to develop a manned freight carriers family.

The Company’s first commercial product is the Nimbus Eos Xi UAS. It combines a significant payload together with long endurance, simplicity, low cruise speed, unique STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) capabilities, within an indisputably safe, simple and friendly environmental context. It’s a new aerial vehicle called “metaplano” (see wikipedia).

The development of the idea and its development with a meticulous experimentation was conducted both thanks to corporate staff capacity, either throuh a dense network of interactions with SMES, large industries and academic institutions as well as the participation in numerous research projects in national and European context.

Nimbus is an SME that has reached a degree of European excellence. Witness various projects FP7 multidisciplinary and cross-type (production technologies, ICT, Aeronautics) where he holds a primary role by generating innovation with temporal continuity and increasing their degree of competitiveness.

Today the metaplano Nimbus is the onyl solution in the world of “hybrid airship” protected by several patents in most countries (China, Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Israel, South Africa, etc.).
An intense and constant activity conducted by ENAC (the italian CAA Civil Aviation Authority) has enabled Nimbus to obtain in the couse of these years numerous Permits to Fly in the civil aerospace, almost unique case in Italy, needed to operate legally.

The first products build, allow the carriage of a significant payload (stabilized gimbal with daylight and IR cameras, photographi equipment, high resolution sensors for air quality …) together with a good endurance, an extreme simplicity of use and a low-speed flight.

Nimbus unmanned platform is an innovative answer to incoming surveillance and environmental civilian monitoring needs, such as border control, info-mobility for emergency, traffic management, pipeline and power line monitoring, agriculture usage, media & advertising applications, Homeland Defense and Security, natural resources monitoring, disaster management public events surveillance, critical infrastructure and strategic asset protection, humanitarian convoys escort and mapping.