23th March 2015

Skype Conference


List of Participants
Name Affiliation Role
Damiano Taurino Deep Blue RPAS technical expert
Ana Ferreira Deep Blue
Joe Di Giorgio MATS ATCO – operational expert
Edoardo Filippone CIRA Project Coordinator
Umberto Ciniglio CIRA
Vittorio Di Vito CIRA
Francesco Grimaccia Nimbus Engineer
Max Scalerandi Nimbus
Gianluca Gargiulo NAIS Security Expert
Jason Gauci University of Malta
Nathalie Gauchi University of Malta



Task 3.3 RTS – Humans in The Loop Second Campaign Discussion
Task 3.2 RTS – Safety Assessment document Preparation Discussion
Task 3.4-3.5 Flight Tests Status Discussion
WP5 – Communication Plan

  • RAID has been invited to participate to the Aerodays which will be organized in London next October 22nd, 25th;
  • The RAID submitted paper has been accepted for publication and presentation to the AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference, which will be held in Dallas, next June;
  • The participation to the RPAS 2015 Conference- 22-25 June 2015, will be considered.

Finally, the join media communication with other RPAS project, namely MEDALE and INSURE, will be carried out. All the partners logo will appear in the communication.

The PM is closed at about 15:30