The execution of Communication Plan is focused on the dissemination of relevant results of the project demonstration activities to the Stakeholders such as experts, the scientific community and general public interested in RPAS development.

The target audience in Aeuronatical community will include the wide range of professionals: general public, industry, scientific community and other ATM related institutions including SESAR partners:

  • International and national Civil Aviation Authorities and ANSPs – ENAC, CAD (Civil Aviation Directorate of Malta Transportation Ministry), ENAV, MATS and EUROCONTROL.;
  • European and International Institutions and Regulators such as EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), ICAO, EU (DG MOVE), ERSG (European RPAS Steering Group) and EDA (European Defence Agency), ESA (European Space Agency);
  • Military & Civil (Government) Institutions – Aeronautica Militare, Armed Forces of Malta(AFM), Red Cross and Civil Protection and Defence, Coast Guard;
  • Technology providers – e.g. ALENIA AERMACCHI, SELEX ES, AERMATICA and others;
  • Scientific community – Universities and associations (e.g. AIAA);
  • Quality & Standard organizations – EUROCAE (WG-73 UAV Systems), RTCA, SAE, IEEE;
  • Industry and professional associations – CANSO (Transforming Global ATM Performance), AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association), UASIT (Associazione italiana dei sistemi di velivoli senza pilota a bordo), UVS International and Assorpas (Italian Association on Light RPAS), ANACNA (Associazione Nazionale Assistenti e Controllori Navigazione Aerea) and IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations), STASA (Centro Studi Trasporto Aereo Sicurezza Volo & Ambiente);
  • Public audience – trade press, pilots and general public;